Welcome to Threadless Closures Ltd (TCL)

TCL is an independant packaging development company, focussed on the field of thread-less closures (i.e. caps which do not require threads on the neck of their container).  The purpose of these closures is to enable beverage packaging to provide consumers with a great drinking experience, and the main target market is carbonated beverages.

TCL was formed as a spin-off from MeadWestvaco Corporation (MWV) in May 2009.  MWV is both a stakeholder in the business and a partner in commercialising TCL’s developments.

Our business model is to design, develop, patent and license unique packaging technology.  We are free to work with any packaging suppliers that customers might wish to specify, but we have strong relationships with a number of equipment vendors & converters, and can recommend experienced partners for specific projects.

TCL is based in the UK, but works with suppliers, development partners and customers worldwide.